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TokLok – a Blockchain-Based Messaging App You Should Know About

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TokLok – a Blockchain-Based Messaging App You Should Know About thumbnail
  • The TokLok messaging app deploys high-security scalable blockchain infrastructure.
  • The app’s feature — Nonpublic Messenger — provides users total control over who they may communicate with.
  • TokLok app is built to combat scalability and privacy issues.

The emergence of blockchain technology comes with a disruption, similar to the creation of the internet. The technology that first surfaced in 1991 has now evolved into a multibillion-dollar infrastructure. The trustless, permissionless, and open-source nature of the technology has shaped it into what it is today. Furthermore, the solutions it has brought through crypto, DeFi, and NFTs have propelled it to one of the greatest technologies in existence. It has fully reformed the principles of security, transparency, and privacy.

Privacy, in particular, has been one of blockchain’s most significant features. The present social messaging apps often violate users’ privacy rights. Facebook, for example, has been in the news frequently for misusing the data of its 87 million users. As a result, individuals are becoming more conscious about their online privacy. And the demand for decentralized alternatives is increasing substantially.

Although many decentralized messaging platforms already exist, their services have been unsatisfying. The lack of scalability and insufficient knowledge on the subject has failed the projects. One project, on the other hand, is doing things differently. TokLok is a venture that is building a scalable blockchain messaging infrastructure with high security and anonymity for users. It provides truly confidential messaging for both individuals and businesses.

TokLok is a blockchain-based messaging app that provides convenient and secure online communication services. The application primarily offers fully confidential correspondence for businesses and individuals. It uses blockchain solutions to provide the highest degree of security for users’ personal data. Furthermore, it is designed to provide effective protection against hacking attacks. Beyond that, it provides complete control over the content of group chats.

The interesting element of TokLok is the unique features it offers to users. The first feature is its Nonpublic Messenger, which gives users total control over who they may communicate with. The second feature is encrypted messaging, which is meant to give customers the utmost privacy. The distinction is that once the encrypted message content is seen by the receiver, it is erased from the system. Moreover, the communication is carried out through a single channel, with the message being read-only by the sender and recipient.

The platform also ensures anonymity as the application does not retain any information about users or their correspondence. As a security assurance, the application has also been evaluated and tested by specialists from across the world.

TOL: The Utility Token Powering TokLok Ecosystem

TOL is the key aspect of the  platform. As TokLok is a paid application, the token is used to obtain lifetime access to the App. Even owning TOL tokens will let users contribute to the faster development of the communicator app and its expansion with new features.

Users can also earn passive income from the app’s profits. TokLok’s parent company, REIBA LTD, pays a dividend of 30% of the business’s sales once a year to TOL holders. Profits are distributed proportionately, provided that a minimum of 5000 TOL tokens must be invested in the protocol account.

The platform also offers an interest-bearing deposit to token holders with at least 1000 TOL. Users receive 8% per year with a daily capitalization of interest for depositing for a minimum of 12 months. The tokens are now available for purchase on their website, with early members receiving a special discount.

Fixing Communication with Blockchain Solutions

Traditional social messaging has been a nightmare for individuals and businesses. With organizations preying on users’ data and selling it for profit, the messaging channel has become a disaster. However, with the emergence of decentralized solutions, these issues may now be addressed. TokLok is doing the right thing by addressing a real-world issue rather than riding the crypto hype train. The project’s utilities and solutions might be a true problem solver for both individuals and businesses.

Furthermore, the platform’s architecture in terms of security and anonymity can help to restore the much-abused right to privacy. Blockchain technology has been a boon to the entire world, restoring people’s rights. It is time for individuals and corporations to embrace this emerging technology for the greater good of society. TokLok is one such example of a platform that is making the world a better place.

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