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META Livly: A New Generation of P2E With a Focus on Fashion Sense

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META Livly: A New Generation of P2E With a Focus on Fashion Sense

  • Meta Livly is paving the way for a new generation of P2E games.
  • The all new game is the P2E version of the app Livly Island.
  • It is unique because of its token economy and how they aim to distribute profits.

Gaming is not the same as it was a decade ago. Today’s gamers are battling virtual enemies while building communities, forging friendships, and even making money. Yet, at its core, gaming is still all about having fun. This is what a majority of P2E game creators fail to understand. When developers decide to chase money, they forget the fundamentals of what users really want — a fun experience.

Meta Livly is an exception to this rule. Meta Livly is an upcoming P2E service with its own token economy from the global ICT company. ICT is well known for its avatar coordinating services, cocone M. It’s set to launch in the 3rd Quarter of 2022 with its own blockchain platform, the MOOI Network.

In detail, Meta Livly is the P2E version of the app Livly Island, a successful service with 1 million downloads, a unique IP, and a profitable structure that was awarded the Google Play award for the best app in the Entertainment category in 2021.

What makes Meta Livly unique is its token economy and how it aims to distribute profits from gachas (item purchases) instead of monopolizing it, unlike other P2E services. They aim to implement structures to stay true to what Web3 has to offer.

The latest P2E Model is Gacha Web3. “Gachas” are similar to a mystery box, where players can pay a certain amount to receive a randomly selected virtual item. This feature is something that’s implemented in all cocone M services and is the main source of income for the company.

However, with Meta Livly, the cocone M team is introducing a new economic structure that uses the gacha sales to distribute income back to the players. Gamers can purchase NFTs from a variety of gacha themes and fashion items to gain mining rights by the theme of their preferences.

Set in the virtual world, Meta Livly allows players to come together and express themselves through the customization of digital assets and connections with the community. Their platform not only allows players to have fun, but also to earn some money with their very own blockchain-based economic structure, the Gacha Web3. By offering a way to actually have fun while earning, cocone M is introducing the world to what the metaverse has to offer.

Meta Livly will be launched on MOOI Network made by Post Voyager which is a subsidiary of cocone. In order for users to enjoy a variety of metaverse services easily and conveniently, the MOOI Network is focused on using an intuitive UX/UI design, low transaction fees, and establishing a high-speed user-friendly blockchain.

cocone M specializes in the metaverse unique to Cocone’s CCP (Character Coordinating Play) genre. The team is also preparing additional metaverse-related projects, including: CCP – Meta Sensil, Generative Art Puzzle – Meta Niagho, and animation NFT Market services later this year.

Find out more about Meta Livly through their Discord, Twitter, Website or Medium.

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