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Freedom DEFI is the first world’s protocol with a guaranteed fixed APY – 1,027,030.60%

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Freedom DEFI is the first world’s protocol with a guaranteed fixed APY – 1,027,030.60% thumbnail

Freedom DeFi is an innovative financial protocol that simplifies and improves pledge efficiency and provides $FREE token holders with the highest stable cryptocurrency income in a sustainable fixed interest model in the entire crypto market. The DAP protocol puts the value the project generates into Freedom DeFi holders’ wallets, rather than creating a large treasury. This approach immediately provides value to the token holders and creates an engaged community interested in further developing the project. Our goal is to use the community as a single cohesive and focused unit to create wealth and power for the community. This is a new concept at DeFi, and we believe it will set a new standard in the industry. It has now made Freedom DeFi one of the most popular projects in the DeFi space.

Freedom DeFi has a fixed APY of 1,027,030.60% and a daily ROI (return on investment) of 2.56%.

Freedom DEFI  opens all opportunities of automatic accumulation for investors and guarantee the highest fixed annual interest rates on the market thanks to a unique FRED protocol .

Freedom DeFi has an experienced team of developers, certification audit, a unique shooting system, perfectly developed tokenomics, exclusive betting system and large-scale marketing campaign of the project deserves the trust and interest of investors. You can learn more about each section of the project from official sources.

Token $FREE

$FREE – is a Freedom DeFi native token which pays 0.0008787% interest rewards are compounded every 30 seconds for every BSC wallet holding any $FREE tokens. Rewards are paid automatically, you just need to keep the $FREE token in your wallet.

The developers have innovated a popular DeFi product to distribute FreedomDefi’s layer one blockchains utility token in an exciting 12 month period. All participants can earn a fixed APY of 1,027,030.60% which is a little over 2.56% per day, paid 2880 times a day to your wallet.

Information about miner from  Freedom DeFi

Freedom DeFi miner is a unique miner from our developers where you can mine three coins: USDT, BNB, BUSD. You can mine up to 5% of rewards every day!

You can invest any amount you want and the rewards will depend on the amount you invest.

Exclusive mining is only available to the Private Round investors. Annual percentage of return (APR) terms have been introduced compared to other Freedom DeFi ($FREE) token holders, who will get access to the miner after listing the $FREE token.

How is Freedom DeFi miner connected to Freedom DeFi token ?

The are completely separate from each other except for the fact that 3% of token $FREE purchase/sale tax is paid to the miner to add TVL. This wallet will be public. Strategic deposits will be made to help boost TVL Freedom DeFi Miner. The developers specially created Miner so that holders of Freedom DeFi could earn passively even more!

There’s also a nice bonus. If you share your referral link of Freedom DeFi Miner to invite new miners the contract pays you referral commission of 12% of  the deposit of the person you invited!

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