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Experts: Gnox (GNOX) And Cardano (ADA) Are The Two Cryptocurrencies You Need To Buy Before The Bull Market Begins

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Experts: Gnox (GNOX) And Cardano (ADA) Are The Two Cryptocurrencies You Need To Buy Before The Bull Market Begins thumbnail

Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a wise choice, just like any other investment type. Therefore, diversifying your portfolio is always a good idea if you consider investing in cryptocurrencies. Gnox (GNOX) and Cardano (ADA) are cryptocurrencies that experts recommend you add to your portfolio before the start of the upcoming bull market.

Here’s a look at why experts are bullish on GNOX and ADA and why you should consider investing in them before the next bull market begins.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is the next huge crypto project that aims to shape the future of reflection tokens. With its innovative option to offer investors yield farming as a service, GNOX’s mechanism ideally benefits long-term investors and holders to generate passive income.

According to GNOX whitepaper, each Gnox sale is implemented by a buy-and-sell tax, a portion from which directly redistributes to the holders, which explains why GNOX is often referred to as a hold-to-earn token. 

Recently, Gnox protocol has successfully passed Soken’s security audit, signaling the project’s highly secure and reliable nature.

During the current bear market, GNOX has outperformed the most of leading cryptocurrencies and has surprised investors with its 63% price surge. How? From the very early stages of the project, GNOX rapidly caught media attention that boosted and strengthened its community. 

Moreover, the team successfully ended the first presale phase with the massive token burn event, causing the price to go uptrend. Token burn has significantly benefited early investors that happened to purchase the token at $0.001 price (current price: $0.0163/GNOX).

Gnox’s final launch is scheduled for August. Thus, while the project is still fresh and the coin is still in its ICO phase, GNOX can be an ideal investment option before the bull market begins.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is a quite popular crypto project that already has thousands of enthusiastic investors. Why is it a perfect time to invest in ADA before bulls begin?

 After a protracted period of research and development that started in 2014, the Cardano project launched in 2017. The project’s primary objective is to address some of the shortcomings of current popular Blockchain technologies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano also intends to address some of the difficulties related to smart contracts, including security threats and performance problems. Last but not least, Cardano aims to construct a long-term economic framework for its cryptocurrency (ADA), which Cardano will employ to pay for continuing development initiatives and honor investors contributing to the network maintenance.

ADA is based on the Ouroboros peer-reviewed Proof-Stake consensus process, making it a wide investment. Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, this protocol is more energy-efficient and has solid collaborations with businesses and authorities.

ADA is believed to be widely adopted by investors, and while crypto whales also spy on the coin, you might also consider the current bear market a perfect ADA buy option. 

Bottom Line

Both Gnox and Cardano have real-world use cases. Gnox is being developed as a first reflection token and a decentralized exchange, which could prove valuable in the future, and Cardano is being built as a platform for smart contracts and other applications. These use cases give Gnox and Cardano a lot of potentials, and experts believe they’re two of the most promising cryptocurrencies worthy to catch on before bulls come and prices surge further.

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