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Expect ‘Bitcoin Lightning Accepted Here’ in Stores, Manager Says

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Expect ‘Bitcoin Lightning Accepted Here’ in Stores, Manager Says thumbnail
  • Lawrence Lepard, an investment manager, argued that pushing for widespread adoption of Bitcoin is via promoting usage.
  • He demonstrated this belief by putting some 80-year-olds through crypto transfers, which got them fascinated.
  • Lepard is optimistic that soon the public will see signs in stores, “Bitcoin Lightning Accepted Here.”

Lawrence Lepard, an advocate of “fix the money, fix the world” and an Investment Manager at Equity Management Associates LLC, recently shared his opinion on the possible way to drive Bitcoin adoption.

Leopard did this via a five-paragraph Twitter thread on July 17, 2022, where he first confessed that he was a usual buy-hold person until he read a book on the Bitcoin subject. Coupled with opinions from entrepreneur Jeff Booth, Leopard concluded that promoting usage promotes Bitcoin’s widespread adoption.

In promoting use, he believes that the best route is via the grassroots, narrating how he put some 70 and 80-year-olds through sending bitcoin via the Muun Bitcoin Lighting Wallet. The quick, final settlement with no bank intermediaries and minimal cost amazed them.

In his words:

I have been orange piling everyone I run into or do business with. I have them download Muun and send them $1.00. I have 70 and 80-year-old investors in my fund who are blown away when I do this. One 80-year-old investor will go through this exercise with all his friends.

Lepard is optimistic that we will soon see signs in stores like “Bitcoin Lightning Accepted Here.”

The CEO of the FTX exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, also shared over the weekend a 40-paragraph thread explaining how crypto solves the bottlenecks associated with traditional payment and settlement systems.

CEO Fried argued after appropriate premises that “in general remittances are hard. People regularly lose 10%+ on their transfers,” which can take a week, plus the risk of funds not getting there. He proffered that all the ugly scenarios could be replaced with “Bob creates a wallet; Alice creates a wallet. Bob sends the assets to Alice’s address.”

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