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WoodCoin: Algorithmic Blockchain Platform With Eco-Friendly Goals

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Blockchain for Environmental Governance

The quest for saving the environment has become ubiquitous among global businesses across the world. These companies are launching distinguishing initiatives to foster the importance of protecting the environment.

Specifically, this nature-loving motif has been accepted by blockchain companies too. Many blockchain companies have radically begun protecting the environment. Also, such companies have started prioritizing environmental sustainability as their key success factor.

WoodCoin blockchain is one such platform that adopts blockchain technology and contributes to global environmental governance.

What is WoodCoin?

WoodCoin is a blockchain-based payment system launched in 2014, where people can raise their awareness of climate impact and stop the destruction of the environment. LOG is the native token of WoodCoin. To add, WoodCoin is a decentralized, minable (proof-of-work) public ledger with a logarithmic money supply.

The WoodCoin ecosystem is tightly integrated into the modern crypto world and consists of the following functioning units:

  • Currency
  • Environmental protection
  • New payment mechanics
  • Improved eco-friendly mining mechanics

Security and Transparency

WoodCoin provides full transparency of transactions, as well as high transaction speed. Its goal is to become a long-term stable and easy-to-use alternative to other blockchains, thereby strengthening the cryptocurrency infrastructure and allowing users to hedge risk, transact, tokenize, and otherwise interact with the LOG network.

Significantly, the WoodCoin ecosystem can use the blockchain for other tokens, notarizations, and data storage.

The fast WoodCoin network ensures instant transactions. However, as with other Proof-of-Work consensus coins, the security of a transaction increases with each block or confirmation. Block confirmation time in the WoodCoin network is 2 minutes.

Why is WoodCoin Trustworthy?

WoodCoin is claimed to be more reliable for users. Here, mining rewards do not increase quickly. WoodCoin’s logarithmic reward system will continue to subsidize miners and keep the coin alive, both by enabling low-fee transactions and by improving network security.

Where to Buy WoodCoin?

WoodCoin tokens are available in Hermesus and BitStorage crypto exchanges. As the platform is convenient and fast, users can enter the mentioned exchanges at any time, buy and sell a coin and host a project. Basically, users have to use the WoodCoin wallet. This is an open-source non-custodial wallet that allows users to back up their private keys and have total control of their funds.

Future Initiatives and Ventures

WoodCoin is currently working on WoodCoin Wallet for Android. The team is negotiating with Google and planning to fully release the application on Google Play soon. The WoodCoin Wallet App works on iOS and is an open-source non-custodial wallet where users can backup their private keys and have control of their funds. Further, the WoodCoin project launched an Airdrop of LOG tokens in July. The coins can be obtained by both beginners and experienced traders. The airdrop campaign includes a prize pool worth $40.000 of $LOG tokens for 1,000 lucky winners.

To note, the team has recently started LOG coin staking. The staking includes deposit minimums as low as 50 LOG. The company has listed the benefits of participating in staking:

  • Users will passively receive rewards without participating in trading and other risky activities.
  • Users can help support the environmental goals of the WoodCoin project.
  • Finally, staking exposes users to the full potential of SeedCoin, a new project to be launched in the future.

WoodLandEco Project

WoodLandEco is a developing project of WoodCoin that combines blockchain technology and the environment. Here, environment-conscious users who participate in this project will benefit from earning rewards. The main goal of the project is to protect the environment using modern blockchain technology.

It also intends to save the environment by planting trees, thereby reducing the rate of global warming. The WoodCoin team is working on this eco-friendly project, which will be declared soon.

Price Trends

WoodCoin arrived in the crypto market in 2014. For eight years, the market has fluctuated several times, but the growth of the coin has not been badly affected. Also, with the present downtrend of the market, LOG hovers at $3.03, with a market cap of $24,234,470. At the time of writing, its volume is $404,908, a surge of 154.9% in the past 24 hours.

To conclude, WoodCoin is a decentralized platform that deploys blockchain technology for a sustainable environment. The LOG token of WoodCoin is claimed to be the first eco-friendly coin. The platform builds reliability, sustainability, and confidence via its nature-friendly blockchain features. The WoodLand Eco project of the platform is one of its recent sustainable initiatives that will be launched soon.

For more information about WoodCoin, follow their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram.

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