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Partisia Blockchain Launches its Mainnet to Grant Web3 its MPC backbone

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Partisia Blockchain Launches its Mainnet to Grant Web3 its MPC backbone thumbnail
    • Partisia Blockchain launches its mainnet network, with 89 global validator nodes up and running.
    • The high-scalability layer-1 network spearheads Multi-Party Computation and native interoperability as crucial technologies for Web3.
    • Partisia has committed to putting blockchain to work toward multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Partisia Blockchain Foundation announced the official launch of the Partisia Blockchain mainnet. Secured by 89 validator nodes spread around the world, the high-scalability layer-1 network saw its genesis block created on May 31, 2022. Since then, according to the Partisia Blockchain explorer, the network has seen more than 220,000 transactions.

Partisia leverages the Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology, which allows multiple parties to compute a function in a zero-knowledge way, without knowing the inputs of other parties involved. Its use enables the Partisia network to operate with an extra degree of security and privacy, functioning as an MPC layer for other blockchains and thus working as the privacy backbone of Web3 infrastructure.

Partisia’s design also enables native interoperability with other blockchain networks. Thanks to its unique Bring-Your-Own-Token function, Partisia users can transact with coins from third-party networks like Ethereum, while Partisia’s own native token is used for staking. Partisia has already announced partnerships with Emurgo’s Cardano and Polygon to work as their MPC solution layer.

Partisia works to leverage blockchain technology for enabling the achievement of an array of UN Sustainable Development Goals. These goals include building up economic growth, promoting wellbeing, and using ecosystems in a sustainable way. The project portfolio built on Partisia Blockchain includes a privacy-oriented search tool, a decentralized social platform, and a solution for tracking medical counterfeits.

Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, said the project was proud to bring the mainnet online after a lengthy development process.

He added:

Many blockchain projects stay in their test-net stage for years, but thanks to our dedication and endless support from our community, we were able to reach this milestone at a good pace. We are grateful to all who joined us on this journey and look forward to making Web3 more secure and private for all.

Kurt Nielsen, the Co-Founder & President of Partisia Blockchain Foundation, said blockchain could do strides to make our society more equitable and healthy.

He added: 

By working within the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework, we are bringing this promise to life by focusing on privacy and equity-driven business models. The mainnet launch is a critical milestone in this respect as it sets the foundation for an entire plethora of other initiatives.

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