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NAGAX Exchange: A Platform for Crypto-Social Trading

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What is NAGAX

NAGAX is a crypto exchange platform focused on bringing crypto into the social trading space. Launched on March 7, 2022, the exchange offers a powerful crypto wallet with low transfer fees and top-tier security measures allowing secured storage and exchange of more than 100 assets and derivatives trading.

Social trading helps investors to observe the trading behavior of other experienced investors and follow their investment strategies. Also, the platform allows access to high-quality, free, and easily digestible educational content.

Notably, NAGAX is entering into the future of Web3, an in-built NFT Marketplace, and crypto-staking. These initiatives are made possible with its innovative NAGA Group AG and the support of the existing NAGA community of over 1 million users. NAGAX’s security, transactions, exchange, and wallet is of prime importance since its creation. The platform provides top-level security to all its users and continuously updates security measures and integrates them within the framework.

NAGAX is heading to be a trailblazer in its niche. The platform is a go-to place for newbies, experienced traders, and influencers. Moreso, NAGAX aims to integrate social trading with a crypto world and implement its own NFT Marketplace and staking launchpad in the near future.

However, NAGAX is more than a crypto exchange as it is connected to NAGA’s advanced financial community and social investing network. It has over a half-million traders from across the world. The network provides its digital space for newcomers and skilled traders, helping them share their discussions, best experiences, and market situations using personal, group, or public chats.

NAGAX Exchange Details

Wallet Storage Hot Wallet
Number of supported coins/tokens More than 40
Payment Types Accepted Credit Card/USDT/Crypto/Moonpay
Minimum Trade Crypto Investing – 8 USDT for spot
Account Currencies USD, EUR, USDT


NAGAX evolved from NAGA, a leading Fintech company that has built a pioneering financial system and all-encompassing solutions. This feature makes personal finance and investments across fiat and crypto easily accessible for traders across the world. NAGA platform ranks 18th among the largest ICOs of 2017. The team’s mission is to digitalize financial services by bringing them all together on a single, simplified, and interconnected platform. These features make the platform social, intuitive, and effective.

NAGA has already established its root in the fintech market with its multiple high-functional products and tools for traders, and the NAGAX crypto exchange is its latest innovation. The exchange was launched to break the boundaries of conventional exchange platforms and bring blockchain technology into effect.


NAGAX has a set of solid features that help its social trading to be effective and useful for users.

Fiat-to-Crypto Trading:

Users can deposit and withdraw USD and EUR, trade them for crypto and safely store assets in a super-secure NAGA Wallet.

Handy Interface:

Users can enjoy their trading with the convenient and simple interface and slick design of NAGAX. This structure is expertly created to house all the trading needs of users.

Bank-Grade Security:

Assets are stored securely in a cold vault with a 2FA extra level of protection.

Swift Operation Processing:

This is the exceptional order processing that enables users to better leverage the ever-changing crypto market.

Cost-Effective Solution:

The platform has access to over 20 blockchain protocols and 100 tradable tokens and saves up to 90% on Ethereum and Bitcoin transaction fees.

Battle-Tested Security:

User wallets are protected with a multi-layer technology that combines the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography with hardware isolation.

Next-Level Private Key:

The private keys in NAGAX are encrypted and there is no single point of compromise from both external hackers and insiders.

Copy Trading:

This is the trading place where users can spy on and copy the best traders who have mastered their trading strategies among the huge number of traders at NAGA. Users can mirror trades, strategies, and activities with one click.

Available Cryptocurrencies

On NAGX, users can trade their fiat for the top-performing cryptocurrencies in the market. There are more than 40 cryptos trading on the platform. Following are some of the coins:

Bitcoin (BTC) BitcoinCash (BCH)
LiteCoin (LTC) Ethereum (ETH)
Ripple (XRP) Algorand (ALGO)
Polygon Avalanche (AVAX)
Tether (USDT) Axie Infinity (AXS)
Cardano (ADA) Amp
ApeCoin (APE) Cosmos (ATOM)
Basic Attention Token (BAT) BNB (ERC-20)
Bancor (BNT) Bitcoin SV (BSV)
BitTorrent (BTTOLD) Binance USD (BUSD)
PancakeSwap (CAKE) CELO
Chiliz (CHZ) Chainlink (LINK)

Standard Partnership with NAGA Wallet

As explained earlier, NAGAX is completely equipped with sets of tools and features for applying crypto into a social trading sphere. To make it more impactful, it is used in synergy with NAGA Wallet, which is revolutionary multi-currency crypto storage.

NAGA Wallet is a highly secured payment gateway that allows traders to store and receive crypto assets. The wallet also controls several digital payment modes simultaneously. NAGA Wallet combined with NAGAX makes instant trading, as it helps users trade crypto assets and send them to their wallets with high transaction speed.

Moreover, the NAGA team always looks for new trading experiences. Their solutions provide better ways to trade cryptos, invest, and manage digital assets and money in a super-efficient manner. To add, crypto trading payments are accepted in digital services like credit cards, USDT, Crypto, and Moonpay.  Also, the account currencies must be in either of these categories: USD, EUR, or USDT. With NAGA, users can invest in more than 500 stocks with just €0.99 per trade.

Future Projects

NAGAX with its effective crypto trading platform is on the track to launching its future projects. The platform is already developing with better crypto trading experiences and has branches in financial technology, crypto, and NFT realms. The future applications include:

  • Crypto Derivatives
  • Crypto Staking
  • NFT Marketplace
  • NAGAX Learn


In a nutshell, the NAGAX exchange is crossing its boundaries to develop more blockchain and crypto techniques for its users across the globe. More significantly, the exchange firmly believes that its soon-to-be-launched projects will make the platform more explorative and convenient for users. With new projects and innovations, the NAGAX team is expecting a great surge in the blockchain market, soon.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of CoinQuora. No information in this article should be interpreted as investment advice. CoinQuora encourages all users to do their own research before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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