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ILCOIN Enters the Gaming Space With P2E Game Clash of ILCOIN

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ILCOIN Enters the Gaming Space With P2E Game Clash of ILCOIN thumbnail
    • The P2E gaming sphere is now bustling with interesting new entrants.
    • Clash of ILCOIN is one such P2E game launched by ILCOIN Blockchain Project.
    • The team behind the game wants to create a unique game for users in the crypto world.

Gaming is not the same as it was when it began in the seventies. Today, the massively successful industry is worth well over $90 billion. And with new advancements that spring up every day, the industry is undergoing monumental changes.

Perhaps the most interesting upgrade in this sector is one that came from the blockchain space.  By integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency into its fabric, gaming churned out a revolutionary concept — P2E gaming.

P2E games reward players with monetary payoffs for the time and effort spent in conquering new levels and achieving the game’s goals. The reward here is often cryptocurrency or NFTs. Interestingly, NFTs are also being integrated into major games today, such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, etc. P2E games have therefore elevated NFTs beyond their current position as mere collectibles. And because they’re on the blockchain, the ownership of these NFTs is always with the player.

Despite being in its nascent stages, play-to-earn gaming is making waves in the Web3 space. A good example of this is the highly popular Axie Infinity. This Vietnamese game created by Sky Mavis uses NFTs and Ethereum-based crypto. The game even rewards its players with real money.

The Clash of ILCOIN is another such P2E game that is trying to make its mark in the growing gaming space.

Clash of ILCOIN

Clash of ILCOIN is the third in the line of games launched by the ILCOIN Blockchain Project in the past three years. Launched in 2018, the ILCOIN Blockchain Project is known for its contribution to the development of distributed ledger technologies.

Notably, the evolution of ILCOIN’s games is interesting to observe. First came the Age of ILCOIN mobile version, a typical minimal-design game. The next step in its gaming journey was a VR game, in which the team paid a great deal of attention to the graphic design and visual experience.

This latest and newest venture adopts a play-to-earn model; a real-time online multiplayer (PVP) strategy game that combines elements from collectible card games and tower defense. Through this new iteration, the project further expands the ILCOIN multiverse, introducing a galaxy full of intriguing aliens and factions. Users can pick sides and play story mode as earth defenders, or they can learn the ways of the villainous alien space pirates.


The ILCOIN development team was able to detect and forecast market trends, and this is the reason they began developing games a couple of years ago. Also, when the team at ILCOIN saw the rising popularity of play-to-earn games, they wanted to be part of this interesting new sphere.

The goal of the development team was to create a unique game for users in the crypto world that, apart from offering a great gaming experience, would give a special role to ILCOIN as well. However, the team was aware that gaining a leading role in a highly competitive market such as this required a unique approach.

For this reason, the team made sure to create a distinctive game that would help them stand out among the onslaught of play-to-earn games available in the blockchain market. Today, the team at ILCOIN proudly states that the Clash of ILCOIN has what it takes to be a major league player.

Looking toward the future, the team adds that there are many more new game developments to come as the ILCOIN Blockchain Project is still highly committed to games and the gaming community.

The dynamic evolution of the gaming industry is unquestionable, but with the help of NFTs, the team believes they can expect an even faster development of play-to-earn games by combining the gaming market with the usage of blockchain technology.

Clash of ILCOIN can be downloaded from the AppStore and will soon be available in Google Play as well.

The project has been continuously working on ILCOIN developments since SYDYG’s acquisition in 2017. Besides game developments, the ILCOIN Blockchain Project also pays great attention to finding new fields where smart contacts can be used.


The gaming space has seen a meteoric rise in the past few years. With around 3 billion-plus users actively participating in the world of games, it is safe to say that gaming is the future. If P2E games can keep their users engrossed with not just the promise of monetary rewards but through impressive graphics and engaging storytelling, crypto and NFTs can be easily brought to mainstream gamers.

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