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How to stake BNB and become a crypto millionaire in 10 steps with BNB2x

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The Binance Smart Chain (BNB) builders at the Dubai Blockchain Week conference shared plans for the development of the web3 ecosystem, one of the key factor that attracted the creators of BNB2x is that by the end of 2022 ecosystem will have massive growth from the current 4 million active users to 50 million, and 1 billion in next 3 years. Immediately after the conference, which they visited personally, they were inspired by the idea and realized that this was the perfect time to start. As a result, we have BNB2x – a yield farm on the BNB chain that aims to make as many millionaires as possible among BNB Smart Chain users.

What is BNB2x?

BNB2x is a new BNB yield farming platform that allows its users to earn a stable 200% ROI in 30 days for everyone without any privilege. The project was launched on 14th May 2022 and has seen a growing success rate with its high APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

The platform attracts a wide range of users ranging from long-term investors to active users who earn on referrals and rewards.

Key features

Some of the major features of BNBFactor include:

  • Ironclad security: BNB2x smart code is safe and has been audited by independent company HazeCrypto. The audits offer the reassurance of protection against threats and hackers.
  • Customer support: In order to address customer grievances and help them resolve their issues, BNB2x offers its users 24/7 customer support on Telegram.
  • High & Stable APR: BNB2x has one of the highest APR among the yield farms on the BNB chain, 2x your deposit every 30 days.


BNB2x offers its users the easiest way to become millionaires in 10 steps through BNB staking. For a 30-day staking period, users would get a 6.66% return daily which is 200% in total. So to have 1 million you need just make 10 times 2 x from 1000. In other words anyone who has 1000 is in 10 steps from becoming a millionaire with BNB2x.

Staking on the BNB2x is simple as users just need to fill in the amount of $BNB that they want to deposit and enter ‘Double Earnings”, after this approving the wallet transaction would get them ready to earn $BNB. The interface also includes a “Double Earnings” button to make it easier for you to reach your 1 million goal.

The minimum deposit amount for staking is 0.02 BNB.

Affiliate program

BNB2x has an affiliate program that would allow users to share their referral links and earn for promotion. Currently, there is a 10% reward from the invited user’s deposit.

BNB2x also has plans to create a private club chat in Telegram for users, there will be AirDrops and community discussions with BNB2x creators.

Final word

BNB2x has a simple user interface and easy navigation, it is gaining attention in the crypto space. The platform has a growing user base and the affiliate program and staking provide users with an opportunity to make profits.

For more information about BNB2x, please check out their official website.

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