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Gollum’s Gems Unveils New Educational Material to Help Investors Learn about Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular with recent studies showing that as many as 1 in 10 Americans have made investments. There are many people who wish to invest but don’t possess the knowledge to do so. Gollum’s Gems is a huge crypto community who operate on Telegram and Twitter. They have recently unveiled some new features which will help newcomers to the space.

Gollum’s Gems is one of the oldest and most trusted Telegram crypto groups which started in Summer of 2021. The founders are long term crypto investors who wanted to share their knowledge and expertise to potential investors. They have built a strong community of crypto enthusiasts and have over eighty thousand followers across their three social pages. They have a main group, Gollum’s Gems, where they host daily ‘AMAs’. For those not familiar with the term, it means ‘ask me anything’. These sessions allow projects to come on and showcase their project with a time dedicated for followers to ask questions about the project. They have a review page called ‘Gollum’s Gems reviews’ which features detailed written analysis of crypto projects. Finally, their Twitter page (@Gollumsgems) is a place for investors to discuss anything crypto related.

Gollum’s Gem have a strong emphasis on educating followers to help them make more informed investment decisions. Since November, they have hosted over 100 projects on their AMA. They recently announced a new feature called ‘Crypto stories’. The idea is to get well-known figures, either celebrities or established projects, to come and talk about crypto related matters. Their first guest was Carole Baskin who came on 24th May. She talked in detail about her ‘Big Cat Rescue’ project, her journey in crypto so far and how it has enabled her to share awareness of her charitable work. They have plans to host more well-known guests including one of the most established crypto coins including ‘Floki’ coin. Floki are planning to discuss their rise to the top and how they became one of the biggest crypto currencies in the space.

In addition to this, Gollum’s Gems have produced a set of ‘how to’ videos which will show investors essential information ranging from setting up a Metamask account to trading on Pancake Swap. These videos will soon be released on their Twitter pages and uploaded to their Youtube account. We contacted the Gollum’s Gems team to find out more about their approach;

‘We have been long term crypto investors who learnt about the space through trial and error over many years. When crypto became increasingly popular last year we had many requests from friends who wanted to start investing. We took time to individually explain to them the basics of trading crypto. It was at this point we realized that there wasn’t much easily digestible information available online. At this point, we made ‘Gollum’s Gems’ and it quickly gained traction. We hope that our new material will really help new investors understand cryptocurrency in greater detail and in turn allow them to make more informed investment decisions’.

The Gollum’s Gems team have committed to producing further educational material to help with people’s understand of cryptocurrency.

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