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ComBEANation NFT: the Sentient Beans That Will Save the World!

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Can an NFT collection safeguard the planet’s environment?

This is the question the guys from Graffiti aim to answer. Graffiti is an agency active in the digital realm since the 90s that has always focused on everything related to technological innovation and the green world.

Although no longer a novelty, the NFT world is far from winding down, and ComBEANation is the proof of it.

Defined as an “NFT-Green” project by its authors, ComBEANation is just that: a collection of non-fungible tokens that, among other things, will allow its holders to make a significant contribution to the environment while also earning money.

But let’s go in order.

The Beans that will be part of the collection offer a much more elaborate narrative than usual, which the guys from Graffiti wanted to use to make their creatures more engaging.

Following some events that we won’t anticipate (the Beans’ origin story is as creative as it’s funny and you can enjoy the reading on the website), the Beans developed self-consciousness as they sadly observed the environmental conditions of the planet Earth.

Therefore, they decided to lead the change, becoming the defenders of the Earth and promulgators of a positive message of change.

These Beans will represent the mintable NFTs during the first phase of the project, the Genesis phase, but over time they will have the opportunity to evolve, becoming additional NFTs depicting blossoming flowers.

Beyond the aesthetics, however, it should be emphasized how Graffiti wanted to use NFTs as a pretext for a massive planting work, under the direction and control of the team, which will see a paulownia tree planted for every single NFT registered on the blockchain.

The final goal, which will be achieved through several steps, is to reach a total of 15.000 trees, the equivalent of 1.500 tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere every year.

The CO2, or rather the CO2 absorbed, will play a crucial role in the project. The CO2 absorption of every single plant will be constantly calculated from a proprietary algorithm and will guarantee holders a proportional amount of $ LINFA tokens.

Therefore, the $ LINFA token will represent the beating heart of the entire ComBEANation tokenomics and will allow holders to receive benefits and services in exchange for it.

ComBEANation is an exciting and different project which rests on solid foundations. First, it was developed by the digital company Graffiti, a consolidated and historical company in the digital world. Secondly, it is based on the desire to use the technology of NFTs in an alternative way, which contributes to increasing the project’s appeal both to NFT enthusiasts and those who have a “green soul”.

As for us, we can’t wait to see how the project will evolve and witness the complete integration of ComBEANation with the Metaverse, a feature that’s in the official road map but hasn’t been defined in detail yet.

In the meantime, please visit the official website and dedicated social media channels to get an idea of ​​the entire project.




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