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BXH CeFi Exchange to Officially Start Trial Operation on July 7

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The Hybrid Exchange platform BXH Foolish Child officially announced that the global station of the BXH exchange (CeFi) would enter the trial operation stage on July 7, 2022. The whitelisted Free Mint NFT will be opened soon, and whitelisted users will enjoy the VIP privileges of the exchange.

The operation of the BXH centralized exchange adopts a new technical risk control system to ensure the safety of user assets. At the same time, BXH officials will launch new platform gift activities one after another, and users are welcome to participate actively.

Four trading modules cooperate with derivatives, and BXH strives to create an encrypted integration ecosystem.

BXH Foolish Child officially announced the restart on May 3, 2022, to focus on the dual advantages of CeFi and DeFi, and building BXH DeFi 3.0 with the CeDeFi financial platform.

After the launch of the CeFi exchange, the four major trading modules of currency trading, OTC trading, options trading and futures trading will be opened one after another. If the purchase of the currency trading module is blocked, the user can go to the OTC platform to purchase, and there is no need to change hands many times to generate transaction fees.

The BXH centralized trading platform will also focus on the derivatives business – contract leverage is the main business. After the OTC function of the decentralized wallet is enabled, the Dapp service can be directly accessed through the BXH App, which completely integrates decentralization and centralization, and completes the self-definition of BXH when it restarts: CeFi+DeFi=BXH DeFi 3.0.

Foolish Child NFT is ready to go online; whitelisted users will enjoy VIP privileges.

It is reported that the launch of the foolish child image NFT has been planned in the platform in the near future, and the BXH NFT will be in the form of Free Mint. As we all know, NFT is unique because it is based on blockchain smart contracts, and each transaction cannot be tampered with and can be authenticated. The mechanism behind purchasing NFT is that the decentralized wallet interacts with the smart contract, and you can get the NFT you want by paying the Gas Fee and the NFT price.

BXH takes the form of Free Mint NFT, and players only need to bear a Gas Fee. From the perspective of players and collectors, the investment risk is low, and the cost is much less than the floor price. BXH will open the whitelist Free Mint in a targeted manner, and holding NFTs can become a BXH VIP users, with a quota of up to 10,000 users. VIP privileges include fee reductions, income dividends, new currency airdrops or new whitelists, etc.

The whitelist user selection rules are as follows:

 1. Damaged users in BXH attack events

 2. Currently, the top users of BXH holdings

 3. Users who support and trust the BXH platform for a long time will get the highest whitelist privileges

The official announcement of the whitelist details will be made later. BXH Token will also become the whole-platform governance token of 50% of the platform’s future revenue will be used for repurchase, destruction, or dividends, officially entering deflation mode. The Heco chain, the stupi foolish child DeFi platform, currently no longer produces BXH, and other chains will also stop production after the official operation of the centralized exchange. The total amount of BXH is 1 billion, and according to the official estimate, a maximum of 500 million BXH will be produced, and then the production will be stopped. The specific data has not yet been determined.

Compliance operation strategy, BXH cut into the global encryption market

BXH Foolish Child adopts a compliant global operation strategy and will apply for compliant licenses worldwide. The platform of each country is operated independently according to the laws of each country, but some of the benefits are shared by all platform users.

Countries approaching compliance license applications include India, Turkey, the Philippines, and Serbia. The global market operation targets mainly include the global Chinese market, the South Asian market in India and Pakistan, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.

Neo Wang, CEO of BXH Foolish Child, revealed: “BXH operation in the Indian market can achieve direct deposit and withdrawal of fiat currency, and the same level of treatment as WAZIRX. At the same time, the BXH Indian market does not do spot transactions, only contract transactions. Of course, in the future operation plan,  The most important market is still the Chinese-speaking market.”

After BXH applies for compliance operation licenses from significant countries in the target market, it will recruit community brand ambassadors to implement market incentive plans and vigorously promote community brand building. At the same time, it will also enhance brand promotion and social media exposure through multiple channels in the global target market, help obtain more user traffic, and assist community brand ambassadors in developing the market.

The new security risk control system helps users win gifts with peace of mind

BXH has adopted a new security technology risk control system to launch the centralized exchange. Driving on the encrypted track, the BXH team believes that technology is the engine, the product is the configuration, and the risk control guarantee determines the safety factor. BXH has experienced reflection and precipitation after the hacking incident, coupled with the team’s own experience in centralized exchanges, whether it is forced liquidation protection, risk reserves, or the BXH risk control team has come up with the top level. After the centralized exchange goes online, BXH will start various welfare activities. The safe risk control system ensures that users actively participate and win gifts with peace of mind.

The market is volatile, and the bear market is difficult, but it is also a time to overtake a corner. Currently, most of the mainstream exchanges in the industry have broken out of the bear market. The BXH team believes that opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared to create an exchange that meets the current user habits and creates a good trading environment in the bear market. But also the most basic mission as a practitioner.

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